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Practice Proactive Wellness for Consistently Better Patient Outcomes

Ronald J. Riegel, DVM


The demographics of veterinary clients have changed drastically over the last few years. Clients are more informed and more willing to spend money on their pets' wellbeing. They view their pets as their starter children and demand excellent veterinary care. To give these clients what they want, clinics need to embrace a wellness-based approach that proactively identifies problems earlier to promote better overall long-term health.

In this free webinar, Ronald J. Riegel, DVM, discusses how to develop a proactive wellness program of care that uses thermal imaging and take-home laser therapy to give today's clients a clear, visual understanding of their pets' health and a way for them to be directly involved in their treatment. Dr. Riegel shares best practices for using each modality and strategies for leveraging their complementary relationship to keep patients healthy and clients happy.


Note: CE credits are not available for on-demand webinars.

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Key Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluated the role of therapeutic infrared thermography in daily practice
  • Identify and define mechanisms of action, and applications for photobiomodulation
  • Describe the synergy of infrared thermal imaging and the use of photoceutical devices in the continuum of care for Proactive Wellness in Veterinary Practice