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A New Approach to the Laser Therapy Continuum of Care: From Hospital to Home

James S. Gaynor, DVM, MS, DACVAA, DAIPM

You have different clinical goals at every stage of care. Advancements in laser therapy have led to a new approach to veterinary care: photoceuticals.

Like pharmaceuticals, photoceuticals are prescribed doses of light, optimized to achieve a predictable response and superior outcomes. Using the right photoceutical tool at each stage of care allows you to meet your clinical goals throughout a complete plan of care.

In this webinar, Dr. James S. Gaynor breaks down the science of photoceuticals and the practical applications of light in the veterinary practice. You will learn how to use different in-clinic and at-home photoceutical tools during every stage in the continuum of care, from relieving acute pain to healing tissue and maintaining relief in the long term.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Defining photoceuticals and how they are used in each stage of care

  • How to choose the right laser therapy tool based on clinical goals and patient symptoms

  • What conditions can be treated with
    photoceuticals with real-world case examples

Meet the Laser Therapy Continuum of Care


NEW! AlphaVet

High-powered Class 4 devices treats large areas to quickly address the source and referral sites of pain.

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Optimized for tissue healing based on condition and patient requirements.

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My Pet Laser 2.0

Lock in results with a take-home device for long-term plans of care.